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Gagnrřni - 1/11/03
een hot item op dit moment

Googlism er gargandi snilld

RÚtt Ý ■essu rakst Úg ß http://www.googlism.com [tengill] Googlism [/tengill], sem reyndist sÚrlega skemmtileg vefsÝ­a. Ůar mß varpa fram spurningum eins og Hver er X? og Hva­ er Y?. Sjßlft neti­ svarar.

Verandi e­lilega sjßlfsupptekin, ßkva­ Úg a­ prˇfa kerfi­ me­ ■vÝ a­ slß inn eigi­ nafn. Eftirfylgjandi kom skyndilega Ý ljˇs:

mosa is a dancer

mosa is a large world located in the urdu koppa star system and is the home world to a race of people called the mosa

mosa is taught that tradition comes first and that change should come only if necessary

mosa is currently working towards accreditation

mosa is ongoing

mosa is able to use her own quality standards

mosa is committed to working with the member counties to provide environmentally sound solid waste practices for our collective constituency

mosa is back

mosa is a special interest group that permits its members to become more involved with the moa and the progression of missouri optometry

mosa is for a term of three years from the effective date

mosa is our number one concern

mosa is responsible for accepting the county's garbage and recycling

mosa is a manufacturer of high

mosa is run by the members of council

mosa is there to support present and past scholars of the school

mosa is not considering waste management's proposal

mosa is specialized

mosa is een hot item op dit moment

mosa is van start gegaan in de g

mosa is headquartered in the city of maastricht

mosa is for mature

mosa is a organization composed of different macintosh bulletin boards systems

mosa is the last name and mosa just came naturally flowing out of that

mosa is the ever

mosa is specialized on filling and sowing on alveolar containers

mosa is specialized on metal sheet processing and performs all kind of metals

mosa is to coordinate the knowledge and effort of both students and practicing doctors of optometry who have an association with the state

mosa is a new

mosa is not requiring otsego's partners

mosa is costly

mosa is encased in a rugged aluminium package

mosa is a 23

mosa is to promote associate degree nursing as entry into nursing practice

mosa is zeer populair gebleken voor beleggers

mosa is inmiddels gestart

mosa is currently conducting an institutional development program across its different departments

mosa is not doing enough to help the handicapped because of the budget cuts

mosa is quite proudż are its two to three glazed edges on its wall tile and their custom mosaic capability

mosa is discovered in the local

mosa is an independent legal entity

mosa is associate professor of comparative and international education and dean of the college of education at king khalid university

mosa is marshall county schools transportation director and has 24 years experience in the school system

mosa is two wells the path is about an hundred & fifty yards

mosa is doing very well

mosa is by federica

mosa is trendsetter op het gebied van tegels in nederland

mosa is a good friend to talk to and listen

mosa is ideal instrument for optical and spectral measurements

mosa is a separate organization with ties to and support from

mosa is color

mosa is that guy

mosa is going to perform for us the gumboots dance for us

mosa is op de vooravond ervan nergens te bespeuren

mosa is a non

mosa is still in his homeland on holiday

mosa is a creation of and is sponsored by salem design

mosa is to

mosa is the mother of them both

mosa is to prepare people for university

mosa is accredited by the usda and iso 65

mosa is te beluisteren op maandag van 17

mosa is also the base for visits to petra

mosa is an advanced automated workflow and transaction team application for the mortgage lender

mosa is now being shipped to the hyland

mosa is een nederlandse producent van keramische tegels

mosa is???najo

mosa is a social centre

mosa is op de vooravond van zijn bruiloft ertussenuit geknepen

mosa is op zoek naar een merchandiser voor de afdeling verkoop buitendienst

mosa is known to have had links with mazzara del v allo in sicily

mosa is a "set of concepts that drive affordability over the life cycle

mosa is a sunday league and all games are expected to be played on sunday

mosa is needed

mosa is latijn voor maas

mosa is een nieuw tijdperk aangebroken door de beschikbaarheid van gedetailleerde informatie over productie

mosa is a "frightening

mosa is nyilatkozta

mosa is an iso 9000

mosa is currently working

Miki­ er uppbyggilegt og hressandi a­ fß nřtt vi­horf ß sjßlfan sig. Googlism er ef til vill stj÷rnuspß t÷lvualdarinnar. ╔g gef sÝ­unni fimm stj÷rnur og hvet alla a­ prˇfa.

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1/11/03 10:02

Haraldur Austmann

Mosa is a many wonderous thing, obviously.

1/11/03 11:00

Skabbi skrumari

mosa is a giggler and a googler

1/11/03 11:00


Ver­ a­ prufa ■etta!

1/11/03 11:00


He he, "mosa is that guy". Fyndi­.


1/11/03 11:00


"Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about vamban yet."

Ůetta er gott a­ vita.

1/11/03 11:01

═var SÝvertsen

■i­ Šttu­ a­ prˇfa a­ slß inn megas

1/11/03 11:01

Vladimir Fuckov

Merkilegt. VÚr vissum eigi a­ borgin Spassk tilheyr­i Baggal˙tÝu en svo vir­ist vera og vÚr vir­umst vera ■ar borgarstjˇri [Klˇrar sÚr Ý h÷f­inu]

HÚr var hinsvegar nřlega umrŠ­a um fatakaup en vÚr neitum a­ tr˙a a­ Mosa sÚ svona til fara: "mosa is encased in a rugged aluminium package".

1/11/03 11:01

═var SÝvertsen

Annars ■ˇtti mÚr vŠnt um a­ sjß a­ einhver notar Hollensku Ý fyrirs÷gn.

1/11/03 12:02

Jˇakim A­al÷nd

joakim is 17 years old and is among others teamworldchampion in motocross and during 98 he drove in the the yamaha class there he achieved very good results

1/11/03 22:02

Mosa frŠnka

Og lÝ­ur ■Úr ekki mun betur vitandi ■a­, Jˇakim?

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